Lindsey Wherrett Ceramicist

Kiosk by IN-TERIA

By Karryn Dargie

One of the things about living in Tasmania is that you get to meet so many interesting people. Ceramicist Lindsey Wherrett is one of these people. Originally from Scotland, Lindsey fell in love with a Tasmanian and now calls the side of Mount Wellington home.

IN-TERIA | Lindsey WherrettJug by Lindsey Wherrett | Photo by Dean Baird 


Having studied architecture, Lindsey went on to undertake further training in ceramics.  From her studio workshop she produces the most exquisite work, clearly showing her architectural foundation. Clean, beautifully minimal forms, perfectly suited for function, employ uncomplicated natural materials in a base palette of blacks, greys and whites (with a smattering of verdigris).

Our own addiction to ceramics grows each year and Lindsey’s own collection of pots, in shades of white and grey, and in a variety of shapes from various makers, piled high and displayed on open shelves, has greatly inspired me. These beautiful forms are made for use, and greatly enrich the daily rituals of eating and sharing, adding a quality of thoughtfulness and care to any offering (burnt or not).

As part of Kiosk by IN-TERIA, we have assembled a small collection of Lindsey’s work available for sale. Please take a look here.

Stay tuned for details on our collaboration with Lindsey, which is planned to be released at DENfair in Melbourne 08 - 10 June 2017. 

IN-TERIA | Lindsey WherrettIN-TERIA | Lindsey WherrettIN-TERIA | Lindsey WherrettVessels by Lindsey Wherrett | Photo by Dean Baird 

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