Welcome to our neck of the (digital) woods. We thought it was about time we joined the modern age and got ourselves a 'ridgy didge' website as well as an online shop.

IN-TERIA is a design studio located at the mouth of the Derwent River, at the bottom of Tasmania, an island at the very bottom of Australia. 

Turns out, being at the bottom of the world is not that bad. We feel pretty lucky. We have the time to pursue all of our interests, consume incredible food and wine, breathe the best air in the world and create fabulous projects and products. 

We hope that our website will give you an insight into our design practice, our approach, our interests and our passions, whilst also providing detailed information about our product ranges - Made to Order & Ready to Ship.

Our Made to Order range includes the O-Series and the Linear-Series, a range of architectural door hardware, designed by IN-TERIA, which is custom-made for your project. Our Ready to Ship range includes a selection of our most popular products and bespoke one-off items. 

Thank you for joining us.
Karryn & Dean

Interia Karryn Dargie and Dean Baird Photos by | Zanzo & Dean Baird 






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