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Interia leads the way when it comes to office fitouts in Perth. Whether you’re planning an office renovation, healthcare fitout or a full corporate office refurbishment, we’re the team to call. With comprehensive office fit out design and interior fit out services, our project management approach ensures you get the office renovation you need.

Office Fitout

Are you relocating or upgrading your office space?

When relocating to a new office, it makes sense to consult with design and fit out companies to ensure you maximise the benefits of your new space. From office fitout furniture such as desks and chairs through to the complete office interior design, Perth businesses have trusted Interia for years.

Alternatively, you might be upgrading your existing office space, in which case it’s essential that you get the most out of the space you have. Interia provides a range of commercial fitout solutions such as creative office partitions and customised furniture to suit any type of space. Best of all, our office fitout designers and specialists work with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Your Consideration

Things To Consider For Commercial Fit Outs In Perth

Here at Interia, we’re proud of the countless businesses we’ve helped over the years. As a specialist fit out company, we’ve worked with all spaces large and small, and we’re skilled in maximising your space. We work closely with our clients to ensure the office fit out costs meet their budget, but the budget isn’t everything.

Here are just some of the things our office fitout professionals help you with when planning an interior office fitout.

The Outcome

For every action there is a reason, and that’s why the intended outcome of a commercial office fit out should be the major focus during planning. We help you define what you want to achieve from your fitout. Do you need commercial interior designers in Perth to give your office a whole new look? Are you relocating to a new office space? Maybe you just need an office furniture fit out to make better use of the space you already have.

There are so many reasons you’d seek the help of a fit out specialist, so defining this in the planning stages will help the entire process run more smoothly.

Your Budget

Whether you’re relocating or renovating, the natural question to ask is: “How much does an office fit out cost?” There isn’t really a simple answer for this, because the average office fit out costs vary greatly depending on your goals, size of space, amount of furniture you need and the level of interior design consultation you require.

One thing’s for sure though – every project has a budget. This usually forms part of the pre-planning phase, and is usually the second consideration; We like to understand your goals first, and then determine if we can reach those goals within your budget. That’s because we take a solutions-based approach to every project.

Interior Design

The interior design phase is where all of your office fit out ideas are explored. It’s where we plan the colour schemes, the style, the shapes – everything that combines to give your office the look you’re after. Some companies want an elegant, upmarket feel to their office. Others prefer something sleek and modern with lots of open space.

Our interior office design experts consider everything during the design phase, and you always have the final say when it comes to the interior fit out of your commercial space.

Furniture Requirements

Interia provides a range of office furniture solutions for spaces of all shapes and sizes. We’ve got over 30 years of experience with commercial furniture fitouts, and we take care of everything with a project management approach. From planning and design to customisation and installation, we design office spaces that work for you.

From desk partitions and office chairs to luxurious waiting room couches, we’ve got an enormous range of options to choose from, and we can customise items to suit your needs.

Why Interia

Why Choose Interia?

Experience You Can Count On

With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve got the experience you can rely on. Importantly, we provide entire fitout solutions. Where some companies may only supply furniture, we also offer interior design services. Best of all, we design, manufacture and even customise your office furniture solutions.

A Project Management Approach

While we keep you involved with all the major decisions around the design and implantation of your commercial office fitout, we know that you’ve got a business to run. That’s why we take a complete project management approach to all fitouts so that you can concentrate on running your business.

We take care of everything from planning and design through to the move-in phase, keeping you informed along the way. This streamlined project management approach also helps to keep commercial fit out costs down, because there are no mistakes along the way. 

Versatile Commercial Fitout Solutions

With Interia, you’re not restricted to certain colours, designs or finishes. We provide tailored fitout solutions that meet your needs. If you’ve got a unique working culture that should inform the entire office design, our team will work with that. Our furniture and fitout solutions are versatile, customisable, and high-quality.

Book Consultation

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If you want experts who have the knowledge, experience and flexibility to design and install your commercial office fitout in Melbourne, we’d love to hear from you. Our team of experts are here to help make your office relocation easy. 


Onsite Consultations

We make the entire office fitout process easy by having a highly-trained consultant meet with you at your new or existing site to discuss your needs. These onsite consultations also allow us to consider site-specific requirements or constraints, so that we can plan more effectively.

There’s no obligation with our consultations, but we’re confident you’ll be impressed with our knowledge and professional approach. Get the advice you need without making deposits or committing to anything. If you’d like to book an onsite consultation with one of our professionals, simply click the button below!


Visit Our Showroom

Many clients love to get a hands-on look at our furniture options, so that’s exactly what we provide at our showroom. You can visit us at any time, but you’ll get even more benefits if you visit us after an initial consultation. That way we can prepare some tailored displays of the furniture we’d recommend for your fitout.

Again, there’s no obligation, and furniture choices are never set in stone until you’re ready. It’s easy to book a showroom visit too, simply click the button below!