About us


IN-TERIA. [Crafting beautiful spaces and objects].

Based in Tasmania, our studio has a focus on architecture, interiors & objects with a particular interest in projects of re-interpretation, adaptation and reuse.

Lead by designer Karryn Dargie and architect Dean Baird, IN-TERIA has undertaken projects within Tasmania and interstate, and has been recognised at state, national and international level for exemplary project outcomes.


Grafting together the disciplines of architecture and interior design has allowed the studio to develop a method of working that simultaneously considers a multitude of complex project-related issues resulting in rich, well-considered solutions.
For IN-TERIA, beauty is always more than skin deep. We are always striving to embody meaning through our work, and to present ideas that are beyond simply surface finish. Rather than a particular stylistic aesthetic, each of our projects is unique. 
Our design approach begins with research and analysis, drawing out the essential ‘stories’ - about the site, the people, the spaces they occupy, the local and broader community and the times we live in.
The preoccupation of the studio with ways of making, traditional and contemporary crafts, materials (including reuse and adaptation), as well as technology, adds another layer to our distinctive, holistic approach that concurrently considers the project from the inside out and the outside in.

in·te·ri·a  -  in


1. being within, inside of anything; farther towards a centre; situated on or relating to the inside of something; inner: that which is within

  1. forming, creating or relating to the outside of something

  1. existing or taking place in the mind or soul


1. the inner part of something; the internal part, the inside

2a. the inside part of a building, considered as a whole from the point of view of artistic design or general effect, convenience etc., or a single room or apartment so considered 2b. an artistic representation of the inside of a building or room
  1. the inner or inward nature or character of anything 
Early 21st century, from Latin, ‘inner’, comparative adjective from inter ‘within’