Product Care & Maintenance


Our timber products are high quality items made by skilled craftsmen, that will require some care and attention to help extend their life. Over time products will patina, inheriting character via scratches and dents. We consider this to be expected wear and tear. Where clear finishes have been applied, they will naturally degrade making the timber more susceptible to damage. The following gives details about caring for our clear finishes. 


We apply a range of clear surface finishes to suit both the timber species and application. Our range of finishes has been chosen for ease of application, re-application and durability.    


Our standard interior finishes provide a durable, low maintenance and hard-wearing surface, suitable for all internal surfaces including bathroom and kitchen areas. These finishes are resistant to everyday liquids. Once cured, they are safe for humans, animals and plants. Our finishes are suitable for internal application only and are not suitable for exterior use.

How often you need to care for your product is largely determined by use and your desire to keep the product looking new. For general cleaning, remove dust and dirt with a soft cloth. For persistent marks use a soft damp cloth with a touch of water only - wipe in the direction of the timber’s natural grain to prevent any cross scratching. Do not apply household cleaners or bleaches.
For surface rejuvenation, the re-application of a compatible clear finish is required. 


Stained timber handles are finished via a two-part process. The colour is achieved by the application of a spirit-based stain onto the raw timber. A series of clear finish coats is then applied over the coloured stain. 

Our standard clear finish to our stained handles is a single pack LACQUER. If your handles are intended for use in an area where moisture may be present, including bathrooms and kitchens, please let us know as in this case we will apply a single pack POLYURETHANE for added protection, should the handles come into contact with water. 

For general cleaning, wipe down area with a soft slightly dampened cloth. Wipe in the direction of the natural grain to prevent any cross scratching. Avoid hard rubbing and scrubbing.

Sand and refinish when required. For rejuvenation of the clear finish top coat, re-apply a compatible clear finish over existing surface. A light sand will typically be required.
For rejuvenation of the coloured stain, strip back clear coat to expose bare timber. Re-apply spirit based stain. Re-apply clear top coat.  


Remove dust and dirt with a soft dry cloth. Natural leather will age and darken over time - the appearance will be unique to each hide. Subtle irregularities in the leather products are to be expected as it is a natural material - these characteristics are intended to be admired and appreciated Nourish the leather from time to time, with a wax/silicone-free leather conditioner but patch test first before overall application as it may darken the leather. Contact specialist leather cleaner’s for persistent stains.