The One, Simple Office Design Strategy to Help Improve Wellbeing

You’re going to want to be standing for this. There’s one office design feature that the most forward thinking companies are embracing – standing desks.

Our bodies aren’t designed to sit down all day. When we’re constantly in our seats, for eight hours, pain and fatigue starts to occur. But tiredness is the least of our problems. Sedentary lifestyles can, in fact, cut years off our lives.

We’re made to move and every part of our bodies suffers when we don’t. Our brain, organs, and muscles all feel it. You can only imagine what this does to the alertness of our teams. This is why many companies are turning to standing desks.

The benefits of adding stand-up desks into your office furniture plan

Recent studies have shown that with exercise, small movements can make a big difference. When you’ve been sitting down for hours and then get up, multiple molecular activities occur.

Simply standing up for 90 seconds causes our muscular and cellular systems kick starts. These systems process blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol, which are mediated by insulin. Performed regularly, it can dramatically reduce risk of obesity and diabetes.

Modern offices are becoming more fluid, as a result. Standing workstations have become a natural extension of this. Just because we sit behind the screen, it doesn’t mean we have to sit down all day.

We know that sitting down all day slows the metabolism, puts pressure on organs, strains muscles, and makes for a lethargic office. Those 3.00pm yawns aren’t laziness or late nights, but rather a sign that people aren’t working like they’re bodies want them to.

With standing desks, you’ll notice a more dynamic, collaborative workspace. There will be less time spent off sick or on breaks, and productivity levels will soar. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Make your office more healthy

Technology has changed almost everything about how we work. We’re constantly ‘on’, even when we’re not in the office. So, when we are, having a positive, healthy and productive space for people to come into makes the world of difference.

Think about comfort, lighting, airflow, plants, and other ways to encourage productivity through smart design. Have fun with introducing more health-conscious ways of thinking. Why not give every employee a gym membership instead of their Christmas bonus? You could plan a healthy, creative cooking day every Friday to celebrate the week’s wins.

There’s a lot of focus being placed on workplace health and safety… and for good reason. If you like the idea of standing desks and need help selecting the correct options for your space, contact us.

Whether you’re looking to switch the entire office over to standing desks or simply add a few onto existing fixed height desks, let us know. Ergonomic office chairs and mobile pedestals are a great add on.

Let’s all stand up, in the name of health.

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