3 Straightforward Reasons You Need Ergonomic Furniture In Your Workspace

With the evolution of office spaces and how we work, we already know that healthy teams are more productive. Employee’s wellbeing is directly associated with productivity, and it ultimately influences a business’s growth. That’s why the growing number of workplace injuries has become a concerning factor for modern organisations worldwide. 

Numerous reports suggest that outdated and unsafe furniture is responsible for a large proportion of workplace injuries. They don’t only happen because of sudden accidents; they are also the long term results of our working habits. It brings us to the conclusion that with prolonged seating, you are susceptible to many health issues, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, increased blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels. This isn’t meant to scare you but rather educate you on the importance of being mindful about your office space and ergonomic furniture. 

Experts suggest that office employees should be on their feet for at least four hours a day for a healthy work-life balance. The question is: is it possible to be as productive with a reformed working style? With the right set of ergonomic furniture, it definitely is. Improved working conditions will positively contribute to your team’s health and ultimately help them produce better. This article aims to educate you about three crucial reasons you need ergonomic furniture in your office environment.

1. To Improve The Health And Wellbeing Of Your Team   

As humans, we’re not meant to sit down for hours. To support this statement, scientists have already made a big call about prolonged sitting: it is as bad as smoking. According to getaustraliastanding.org, average Australians sit for almost ten hours each day. This data is concerning, but some methods can help you reduce your daily sitting time and also support you in the right way even if you are sitting for long. Investing in ergonomic office chairs is one strategy. 

If you walk around the office, you’ll probably spot your colleagues slouching and stretching their back. This is because sitting down all day causes pain and fatigue in our backs and necks. Additionally, prolonged sitting will bring numerous health issues in the long run. But hey, you can choose to take care of your team’s health by installing ergonomic furniture in your premises. Ergonomic furniture contributes to improving numerous health issues of your team members. 

  • Reduced back and neck pain: Ergonomic furniture, such as sit-stand desks are proven to have decreased back and neck pain of their users since they help reduce significant seating time and eliminate prolonged pressure from the back and neck. Even when you are seated, ergonomic furniture, such as ergonomic chairs, support your posture at all seating positions and provide comfort, minimising stress on the joints, back, and neck. 
  • Reduced sugar level: There are a few office habits, such as eating at the desk that can contribute to a significant rise in blood sugar levels, digestion problems, and obesity. Ergonomic furniture reduces blood sugar levels by encouraging frequent movement and provides the right support to the body. According to a recent study, standing after lunch for more extended periods helps lower blood sugar by 43%.
  • Reduced calories: The frequent shifting of position and movement inside the office space encouraged by ergonomic furniture contributes to burning calories and improving digestion. It also helps decrease the risk of acid influx. 
  • Healthy heart: With various unhealthy office habits, there is a significant threat to the heart. Passive body positions can cause fat to build-up in the arteries, increasing the chance of strokes. According to a recent study, people who stand up for 50% more have half the heart disease risk. Ergonomic furniture encourages body movement and frequent shifting of position. Therefore, they not only provide comfort to your structure but also take care of your heart. 

2. To Improve Productivity

With numerous research pieces, science has already proved that employees with ergonomic furniture are less stressed and tired. We can all agree that ergonomic furniture improves the mood and energy levels of the whole team. On the other hand, unhealthy working habits and improper equipment can affect your team both physically and mentally. It can lead to higher risks of anxiety and depression. Therefore, employees with low energy will produce less. 

Healthy employees are happy employees. If you install ergonomic furniture in the right way, it will positively contribute to your team’s physical and mental health, boosting their morale in the long run. The health of your team has a direct effect on their productivity. Therefore, ergonomic furniture has a lot to do with your team’s productivity. Ergonomic furniture will not only keep your people healthy but also more active, resulting in improved job satisfaction. This will ultimately lead to better performance and retention. 

When you change your furniture or the layout of workstations, it should also reflect your team’s needs. With the right setting and the equipment, they’ll find it easier to work even if they work long hours. If someone loves working near the window, put them there. If someone likes to concentrate on a private workstation, make one for them. It’s the small details that make a big difference. Employee involvement in ergonomics assessments help empower your staff, and this creates a positive environment. 

3. To Save  

While fitting out your office space, you might be attracted to the cookie-cutter Ikea-style furniture initially because it costs less. Suppose you calculate the number of times furniture will need to be replaced over the years plus the sick days your employees will take due to their health issues. In that case, you’ll acknowledge that quality ergonomic furniture is not only the best for your workspace but also financially beneficial in the long run. On top of everything, your team will produce better.

Ergonomic furniture is a long-term investment that will keep you in profit for years to come. It will save your money in the long run, keep your employees satisfied, healthy and productive, which will ultimately benefit you.  

Ergonomic furniture specialists.

Ergonomic furniture may be a little more investment than your regular styles of furniture, but spending a little bit extra for so many benefits is worth a ton. With ergonomic furniture, you’ll notice shifts in productivity, motivation, happiness, and health. These are the things money can’t buy.

With over 30 years of experience, we offer the best furniture fit-out solutions in Australia. As a company invested in understanding its partners and their people, we are committed to exceeding your expectations with our fit-out solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re an aspiring start-up company or one of the world’s best known blue-chip corporations, we have the solutions and options to suit your work-style and your budget, just contact us.

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