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The idea of sitting at the same desk throughout the work day in tech offices is becoming a thing of the past. Tech companies are incorporating a variety of amenities within the workplace, including benefits and policies, to make employees happy and healthy during working hours. The changing nature of work and cultural attitude around work-life balance, inclusivity, wellness and sustainability can be regarded as the main contributors to bringing changes in workplace design.

Creative people want to work in an environment where they feel comfortable and can collaborate with like-minded ones in an enjoyable and easy manner. The efficiency of your workspace can impact productivity and staff retention, ultimately affecting the perception of the company to the clients of your organization.

Help employees become healthier, happier and more productive through your workplace design. A comfortable workspace also plays a vital role in giving employees a feeling of being one of the meaningful members of the organization. Creating healthy, collaborative and flexible working environments can pay huge returns in terms of wellbeing, productivity, and business effectiveness.


Workplace Design in Tech Offices

Design features within a workspace can have a profound impact on how people perform and how they interpret the brand they work for. The availability, type, and style of furniture, tools and technology as well as features like light, colour, and temperature all influence the health and productivity of the people working in an office environment.

Companies that work around a culture of collaboration, trust, and transparency don’t need to create private spaces. They may utilise glass-enclosed spaces in connection with an open floor plan. An open office plan allows circulation of ideas to diffuse effectively, and meeting spaces encourage collision and interaction.

Single workspace design doesn’t necessarily support all workplace cultures and needs within an organisation. That’s why it is important to recognise your specific design needs for the creation of an ideal workplace.

Flexibility and comfort are key for organisations whose employees experience increased workloads and extended hours. One of the effective ways to provide employees with a better experience is accommodating their choice, flexibility and personalisation, and their work style in the office environment.

Provide employees with the opportunity to choose where and how they prefer to work by adding furniture solutions such as lounge spaces and hot-desking with access to technology, and ensure they have access to the tools they need – to perform at their best. Tech offices usually divide separate spaces for working and meeting areas, informal meeting areas, and lounge zones.

Additionally, you can add breakout spaces to give a spur to new ideas and also allocate space for art installations to showcase creativity in the space. Include on-site gyms, workout areas, dedicated relaxation areas, and access to outdoor areas for concentration and connection. Other installations you plan for may include private offices, boardrooms, breakout areas and reception areas.

A complete workspace means there is a comfortable working environment that supports the core functions of business while also encouraging creativity among employees.

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