3 Reasons Why a Designated Training Room is a Good Investment

When you hire new staff, do you have a dedicated room for this? An office training room is an important part of design that many companies forget.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your team is, training is something that needs to constantly happen. But it’s not easy to teach new people about your business (or upskill current staff) without a comfortable area to do it in. Today, we rely on technology to help us train others – so accessibility to power points, internet, and appropriate office workspaces is essential.

The space in which you use to train people plays a big role in how well that information is retained. Just like office desks and office workstations are linked to engagement, so are your training areas.

Motivate your team to learn by giving thought to where you’re training them. Conference and meeting rooms often double as training / education areas. Your training area should be purpose-built and free of distractions. Conference rooms typically don’t allow for two-way communication. You should be able to control the lighting, acoustics and other features to maximise the delivery of information.

There are many reasons why you should consider redesign your training room. Here are the top three:

You need the space The last thing you want is to cramp your new employees into a small area. It’s just going to be awkward. If it’s not comfortable or too noisy, they’re just going to get frustrated. People need their personal space, especially while taking notes. Consider ‘break-out’ areas if you’ve got the room, so they can collaborate in smaller groups.

You use equipment Whether it’s a digital display or whiteboard, you need specific equipment to get your messages across. Setting it up in the corner of your open-plan office isn’t going to cut it. If equipment is the main focus on your presentation, allocate a training room so you can organise everyone’s seats to clearly see the presenter. Having the right infrastructure is critical.

Give a good impression Show your team that you care about their education and development by carving out a space that enables them to grow. A lack of training isn’t just bad for the individual, but you as a company, too. If you can create a space that encourages ongoing learning, you’ll develop more engaged, skilled workers who are investing in themselves – and in turn, the future of your company.

Design your office training room

At Interia, we make fitting out your training area easy. You don’t necessarily need to have a lot of space. Talk to us about our partitions, floor coverings, and power and data options.

It’s less about your space and more about the way you use it. We can help you maximise it so you can train your new staff comfortably and confidently. It all starts with having the right infrastructure in place.

Give your new staff a great impression from the start.

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