5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk

Unless your office desk is broken (or looking like it), you’re probably not thinking about replacing it. But it doesn’t just need to be falling apart or looking old for you to buy a new one. There’s plenty of other motivations, like if you’re shifting focus from a traditional space to open plan.

Let’s go through a few reasons to go desk shopping.

1. Do you experience pain?

Your chair and desk might look great, but it might not support good health. Do you get more uncomfortable as the day goes on? This is a strong indicator that your desk isn’t working for you. If there’s not enough space to stretch out your legs and change position, this could be what’s causing it. When picking a desk, consider under-desk space for your computer monitor, storage, and leg room.

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk 3

2. Always running out of space?

Maybe your desk served you well at the start. But now, as you’ve changed roles or expanded into different projects, your work day looks different. If you struggle to find space at your desk, it could be time to upgrade to a bigger space or invest in collaborative stations.

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk 3 2

3. Not tall enough?

Just like it’s important to stretch out your legs, you need to be able to sit cross-legged (or in any position, really) to find what’s most comfortable. If you’re stretching or stooping to work at your desk, you need to make a change. Prevent those aches and pains, by being conscious about the height of your desk.

4. It just doesn’t suit you?

While your desk might look funky and modern, it’s not exactly practical. If you’re struggling to get your work done, it could be your desk. Always surrounded by papers and files? A stronger structure is best. Whereas, for minimalists with nothing but a thin MacBook, smaller spaces are enough. Consider the location of the each desk and the needs of the people occupying it. Your sales team probably need to be closer to the meeting room and hang out areas, as they’re often entertaining clients.

5. Nowhere to store your items?

If your desk doesn’t have draws,  filing cabinets or shelves close by to put all your belongings in, reconsider the workstation. Avoid having to always get up and walk to the storage area. Unless you’re competing with team members on who can reach 10,000 steps the quickest, having to get up all the time will distract you from the work. Choose a desk that pairs well with storage solutions.

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Desk 4

Ready to update your office desks?

Now, if you’ve nodded your head or thought ‘yes, that’s me’ to any of these five questions, consider replacing your desks. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Browse our online store of ergonomically designed desks. And if nothing tickles your fancy, we’ll custom make it for you.

Let’s get together and create.

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