Advantages of an Open Plan Office


By removing the physical barriers between staff, an open plan office workstation system fosters an environment of enhanced collaboration and camaraderie. An open plan layout brings colleagues together, and removes the frustration and wasted time of trying to locate staff and schedule meetings. This increased collaboration leads to more effective problem solving and increased innovation. This also assists supervisors and managers, they are able to maintain regular contact with staff and likewise team members are able to reach management more quickly. Issues can be resolved much faster, which results in enhanced productivity.

2.Better Work Environment

Open plan workstation layouts are sleek and modern, and the absence of full height walls allows for better light and air quality. The result is a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing space that will be an enjoyable and motivating workplace. There are many free office space planning options available like the one from Interia.


An open plan layout benefits the company economically by reducing costs involved in real estate, construction, utilities and office equipment. Open plan workstations are cost efficient, and more employees can be fitted into a smaller space. Because an open plan system will not need any walls, this reduces costs of material and time in the construction phase. Also because of the improved flow of air and light, savings may be proved on electricity expenses as there is only one area to be heated or cooled, and lighted. Savings can be made on equipment and stationery expenses too, since open plan layouts promote shared use of resources, such as printers and copiers. Also Interia has workstation clusters for open plan ready for immediate delivery. 


The modern business is constantly evolving. Adapting to changing market circumstances and the relentless innovations in technology. An open plan workstation system is designed to fit these needs, if required a change in layout can be achieved quickly with minimal cost and effort. In a closed office layout, serious issues can arise in a way that will never happen with an open plan area.

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