As technology is transforming the way we live, it’s also profoundly affecting how we work. Today, what used to be the endless cube farms as office space has transformed into technologically driven working areas that support collaboration and innovation. Well, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) introduced into our everyday operations, things will go to the next level. 

In 2018, artificial Intelligence handled nearly 30% of all tasks across 12 industries, according to the World Economic Forum. It indicates the growing involvement of AI in our processes, and it ensures the future will see an increased presence of AI around us. How you take this data depends on your perception but you can’t deny the fact that AI will transform the modern workplace beyond recognition very soon. So, how would it impact future office fit-out and design?

To forecast the future, we should consider how much our professional lives have evolved in terms of how we tackle our daily activities because of technology. Our working environment and cultures may look entirely different again as AI becomes more advanced, and of course, intelligent. In this article, we aim to discuss how Artificial Intelligence will benefit our office designs in the future and how we should prepare for it. 

Technology As The Co-worker

With technology heavily impacting efficiency and productivity, AI will increase its presence in office spaces by becoming a co-worker. With the possibility of new interfaces, systems, and software helping us improve in terms of tackling our jobs effectively, more teams will rely on AI to assist with their roles. Businesses are already experiencing a pool of benefits by implementing AI in their operations. Some are as follows: 

  • Chatbots improve customer service and response time.
  • By removing human emotion and bias, machine Intelligence has been more effective in HR procedures. 
  • Technology has made various processes and systems more efficient, freeing up human time.
  • AI has been beneficial in reducing human error.
  • With more accurate data free from human emotions, technology has been helping companies attract and retain the best talent.

With such benefits and a promising future, it’s no surprise why so many businesses are implementing AI in their processes moving forward.

4 Important Benefits Of AI In Future Office Spaces Smart(er) Facilities

There would never be an environment where we could carry out any task much quicker and easier if it weren’t for technology. While considerations such as location and floor plan are still top concerns for offices, more organisations are equally attracted to the facilities that provide technology-rich features. For instance, some landlords are offering office spaces with windows infused with artificial intelligence. These smart windows adjust automatically depending on the amount of sun to prevent harsh glare and heating.

More intelligent facilities will definitely attract the brightest employees that expect optimised workspaces with all the latest technology. Such a working environment will not only ease their daily activities but also boost team productivity. 

Better Understanding Of Team Members 

Integration of human possibilities with artificial intelligence will ensure a suitable environment for everyone. There has been a long debate about understanding every employee’s working style and preference and providing them with a suitable working environment. However, it’s been a bit tricky to understand every individual with traditional ways of gathering information.   

Through machine learning and analytics, we will be able to gather data on employee behaviours, work styles and preferences to help them make strategic decisions on optimum space utilisation. For instance, we can collect data on employee behaviours through sensors to understand their preferences. These AI-based analytics will provide organisations with a more accurate view of how work is being conducted. These methods can be more effective than traditional surveys and interviews where not everyone may provide truthful information equally.

With workplace management system solutions fused with AI, organisations will be able to apply data insights into their workspace planning and designs. Additionally, AI-enhanced solutions will also help organisations keep employees satisfied, resulting in improved corporate performance.

Improved Employee Experiences

Modern employees prefer engaging work experiences with open and collaborative workspaces. Additionally, office perks, such as coffee bars, beer on tap, game rooms, and private phone booths, are reported to have improved employees’ job satisfaction. With AI, the office environment and employee benefits will be on the next level. Improved workplace apps will give staff the power to manage their office space easily from their device — adjust the temperature, schedule conference room reservations, and manage office events. It will give them the confidence to be able to meet the deadlines and achieve long-term goals.

One of the considerable ways AI will change the workplace is by taking agile working to the next level. AI-powered interfaces, which have already made their presence in modern offices, will facilitate the creation of augmented spaces, meaning digital displays will no longer be required. With displays shown as 3D information in the air, there won’t be any need for a thousand different tabs and numerous screens. It will enable users to interact with engaging information in their preferred position.

Evolution Of Ergonomics And Wellbeing

With improved teamwork to the hyper-collaborative working style, there will be a need to address the issue of physical health and wellbeing. Encouraging and facilitating free movement around the office space have a lot to do with this. Consistent movements that discourage prolonged seating will result in various health benefits, such as muscle retention and improved blood flow.

sit-stand desk is already an example of how commercial furniture can be designed to adapt to the need for improved movement of office employees. In the future, however, these tools will be infused with AI to monitor the health and well-being of the staff and encourage healthy habits. 

Along with improving physical health and movement, AI is also expected to impact the mental well-being of future office occupants positively. With biosensory technology, offices will be able to detect mood and energy levels, identifying motivation, productivity and stress. Future smart sensors will also monitor activity levels to encourage more movement for better physical and mental health.

Final Words

The impact of AI on the corporate workplace will continue to accelerate in the coming years. To successfully create a unique office culture that attracts and retains the best employees, offices in future will need to adapt to the technology, which will ultimately provide a competitive advantage.

Although AI will heavily impact the world of designing future office spaces, an added human touch will be crucial to balance the potential margin of error. Behind every piece of technology, there is always a skilled human who knows the crucial processes and possible solutions should there be machine errors.

AI will definitely be handy in gathering more accurate data to be analysed by people to detect patterns in the office workflow and employee work preferences. Additionally, It will allow companies to make improved decisions for the future. One of the finest examples of AI and human intelligence working together is improved space optimisation. Future technology will provide improved space planning options, but it will have to be reviewed by a human to ensure the plan makes sense from an operational point of view and addresses everyone’s needs.

Your Office Fit-out Partner That Prioritises Creating Designs According To The Time  

One of the reasons why Interia is one of the best-reviewed office fit-out companies in Western Australia is that we believe in continuous improvement and investing in future-proof solutions. In over three decades of experience fitting out office spaces of various types and sizes, we always looked for ways to provide the right solution according to time and budget. It includes integrating the latest advances in technology in the design and development of office spaces.

Including technology in our processes has helped us become more productive and efficient while minimising human errors in our services. If you are looking for a future-proof fit-out solution for your existing or new office space, contact Interia today.

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