How to Hold More Active Meetings

As business owners (and employees), we need to aware of the negative effects of sitting down for long periods of time. But this goes beyond just our desks, it includes meetings. In this blog post we’ll discuss how to hold active meetings to avoid the negative effects of sitting down for long periods of time.

Just like standing desks, there are different ways to think about how you hold your meetings. If you plan weekly team meetings or encourage regular ‘let’s talk about our project’ get-togethers, it’s important to make sure that your staff are comfortable.

We’ve all been in a meeting that’s lasted longer than expected. Actually, this is what usually happens. As business owners (and employees), we need to aware of the negative effects of sitting down for long periods of time. But this goes beyond just our desks. Think about other times when you sit down a lot – eating lunch and in meetings, for example.

Are you stuck in meetings all day?

If you can, recommend to your clients that they come to you. Why? Because you have control over how you design your space. Focus on making it as ergonomic as possible. Give your people the freedom to move around and aim to make it corporate, yet casual. All too often, we see meeting rooms that lack personality and the ability to move around.

Extend your ergonomic workstations into the meeting room. Start by switching to something like standing desks to encourage movement. Giving your people the space to physically move around, you’ll organically foster creativity. Think about how the room will be used and what’s needed. Choosing adjustable desks and tables is important because you won’t have the people using the furniture. They can set it at the height they need, rather than having a one-size-fits-all. Being able to offer them choice makes a big difference.

Pictured: Rome Standing Desk Straight

You can get creative with your seating options, too. If a casual space works for you, think about adding ball chairs and leaning stools. Go one step further and add a rug or maybe even some mats, so they can sit on the floor. You’ve heard the saying: Some of the best ideas come when you least expect them (like the shower). Active seating lets people choose how they like to sit. And the more comfortable your clients and employees are, the better.

Don’t be afraid to get out and about, too. Start inside in your conference room, then head outside to wrap things up. It ends the meeting in a nice, laid-back way. Even a short walk will get those creative juices flowing and it’ll help your business stand out – because how many times have you been on a walk with your client to wind things up? It’ll give you a chance to get to know your clients, prospects and employees better. And building trust is the most important part of any type of relationship.

Of course, you don’t want to people to be distracted. If you’re making the switch in the way you host meetings, buy your meeting room furniture from an ergonomic supplier. At Interia, we can build standing desks to suit your meeting space. This is the essential ingredient for successful meetings – to have it set up to suit your needs.


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