How To Illuminate Your Path To Business Productivity

Lighting is the cornerstone of the undertaking to assemble an appealing and functional space. More and more companies are beginning to realize that it has its rightful place on the long list of productivity hacks. Namely, the work environment heavily influences morale and engagement of workers, making a difference between a wasted workday and vigorous bursts of productivity. From the temperature and noise level to the color psychology, there are a lot of details to keep a close eye on. On top of being linked to people’s health and wellbeing, an office design also encompasses a company’s culture and identity. So, let there be light, and illuminate your path to the business success.

Working together

Optimal performance of workers depends on a variety of factors, not least of which are the outline and design of the workspace. Great office furniture and adjustable workstation will not be worth a dime if they are not put in the well-lit space. Hence, lighting is one of the most effective productivity tricks a manager could employ. Poor lighting causes visual fatigue, exhaustion, headaches and other problems. Discomfort always makes the productivity levels drop, which is why architecture, fittings, décor and lighting must work together in order to support the work habits. What is more, managers and owners are required to meet the occupational health and safety standards, and quality lighting is one of the ways to achieve this.

Battery low

When choosing the right fittings, steer clear of yellowing bulbs, and opt for the white sensation. Use versatile task lighting at office workstations, and let the employees customize them. This makes them feel involved and allows everyone to concentrate on the tasks ahead. Many innovative companies also invest a great deal of time and money in creating a zone of relaxation, where workers can recharge their batteries and melt the stress away. Here, the focus should be on the visual bliss and tranquil feel. Cozy rugs, entertainment amenities, ergonomic furniture and accessories, can do wonders for employees’ motivation and invite collaboration among them.

Built to last

Sustainable technology is shifting the business climate and offering great opportunities for rationalizing the energy consumption. Savings in this department will have a positive impact on your budget and help you allocate funds more efficiently. LED lighting uses much less electricity than fluorescent light, it lasts longer, and contains to toxic chemicals. Maintenance costs are lower as well, and these fittings can be installed virtually anywhere, offering a chance to get creative with the design. Moreover, advanced optics direct the light better, and can do the work of a traditional bulb with a five times less wattage. So, smart lighting does not only shrink the utility bills, it also makes a nice impression.

Mother Nature’s embrace

Apart from the artificial lighting, make an effort to take advantage of the natural input as well. An increased exposure to daylight boosts the quality of life and sleep, while more plants reduce the level of stress. Bear that in mind when positioning the office desks, and see to it that they are close to the windows. A good view of the outside leads to better performance, which is why modern offices are oriented to landscaped areas such as parks. If the space does not allow you to bestow natural blessings upon workers, know that there are ways to mimic natural lighting. Full-spectrum bulbs emit a soft and warm light that simulates the sunlight, and spotlights could do the ticks also. Also, plants like ferns can thrive in low light, making them a sound choice in offices with scarce windows.

Aesthetics principles

Lighting compliments all other interior design elements, making them shine brighter. For example, reflective office furniture creates a shimmering spectacle and a light, airy feel in the workspace. There are also many ways to add life to offices with smart lighting solutions.  Connoisseurs from the Zest Lighting emphasize the value of an original, state-of-the art design. Pieces infused with sublime style steal the show in a room, and serve as stunning focal points. This line of thinking endorses the benefits of office spaces that go beyond sterile and boring design we are all used to. So, do not make the mistake of neglecting the aesthetics when integrating lighting into office design.

A guiding light

Overwhelming evidence indicates that lighting is an essential aspect of a well-designed office. It allows businessmen to make the most of present resources and optimize work processes. Employees who feel relaxed and comfortable will always work at their best.  So, make good use of natural light, or compensate for the lack of it. Minimize discomfort and distractions, and nurture the sense of belonging to the company. Do not let the lighting be an afterthought, as the new illuminated work sanctuary is at the click of the fingertip.  

Author Bio: Chloe is an art historian and a contributor at She is in love with photography, dance and writing. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Chloe also enjoys learning and writing about interior design, business and productivity management. You can find Chloe on FB and Twitter.

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