How to Organise Your Desk

Does your office desk always look like a bomb’s hit it? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with keeping their little slice of office real estate neat and tidy. Work just seems to take priority, but there’s value in keeping your desk organised.

Have you ever wasted minutes trying to find ‘that file’ or a pair of scissors? That could be spent in other, more productive ways. Set aside half an hour to restructure your desk and keep it that way. Here’s how you can do it:

Redesign your desk. Boost productivity & motivation.

Start with your layout. Be wary of how close you’re sitting to the laptop. Are your eyes closer than 50cm? This could be causing eye strain. For any items that you use every day, put them in a neat pile in the corner of your desk, on your dominant side.

Be careful not to over-supply your space. You might think that book is something you always refer to, but is it every day, every week? If you only pull it out every so often, store it in an office drawer to the side of your desk.

If your constantly forgetting things, you’re probably a huge advocate of post-its. Many employees use these yellow squares to write down to-do lists and passwords. But, they clutter the desk, or at least give off that feeling. When there are too many notes, they lose their value. Use post it’s for short-term reminders only.

It’s also tempting to personalise your desk with family photos, travel trinkets, postcards and flowers. While it’s important to bring life to your office workstation and draw in on these motivational triggers, too many personal items can overwhelm and distract you. Pick three personal items to add to your desk. These can be interchangeable.

Electronic organisation is also a worthwhile mention. You can feel instantly stressed logging into your emails. Reply to emails every day to avoid them piling up. If you’re easily distracted, turn off pop-up notifications so you’re not interrupted when new emails come through.

Don’t try to fill white space. Adopt a minimalist-style approach when designing your desk. Only fill free areas with files and resources that will help you with current projects. Back up all of your work and minimise your use of paper. Embrace Google Docs.

Keeping your desk tidy requires ongoing thought. But it’s the easiest, simplest way to increase your productivity, today. For more tips and advice, contact us.

Update your office desks

If you’re shopping around for new office desks, don’t rush the process. Your desks are one of, if not the most important, part of your office. At Interia, we have a large range of bases that can be paired with your ideal size and style of desk top. This makes customisation options almost endless.

Invest in your office desks and see the difference in how well your employees work.

Support them, from the ground up.

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