Is Cloud Computing Technology Affecting Our Office Space?

Office space has evolved rapidly over the last few years as we embrace the technology that is available. Businesses are investing in technology that helps works perform tasks remotely and with the cloud small businesses can set up enterprise-class services. The cloud has enabled small to medium businesses to become global organizations which they were one constrained by certain geographies due to budget limitations. This can all happen in days rather than months now with no need for on-site infrastructure as this can all be taken care of by service managed providers.

Nearly 90% of businesses have already adopted some cloud computing. [And] 80% of companies offer flexible working arrangements, including telework.”

One of the commonly noted benefits of technology advancement is that it allows for offices to downsize due to many staff now being able to work remotely. According to a report from CoreNet global this may be overstated.

The study revealed that impact cloud computing may not be as significant as has been reported as the majority of employees still prefer doing work in the office. While the average office space per person has been on a decline and that is tipped to continue the study arrived at some very interesting findings. 70% of employees say the office is the best location for colleague collaboration & interaction while 40% of employees say the office gives them better access to tools & technology.

Rather than downsizing in view of reducing overheads the study said that businesses need to review how they use space they have available which can be done by taking advantage of Interia free office space planning service. Businesses are using less work & office space and instead making it more open, collaborative & progressive which in turn increases staff communication & morale. By replacing desks & workstations with office furniture such as pods & lounges staff can roam and work where they want from their laptop or tablet which can help inspire creativity in the workplace.

Activity Based Work Practices is something you may want to consider to maximize the potential of your space. ABW as it’s referred to also supports work outside the office premises.

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