Office Workstation Design & Layouts

Maximum flexibility in office workstation areas is achieved through the use of generic workstation sizes and shapes, configured in varying open plan groups to suit teams and tasks. Office workstation layouts should be modular, with the least number of variations possible to facilitate future rearrangement if necessary. Choose the workstation size according to the tasks performed by the user rather than job classification or status. Generally a combination of paper and computer based tasks will require more space than computer based tasks only.

It is best to base layouts on Straight desks, Corner workstations or U-shaped combinations configured in clusters. The optimum footprint sizes to work with are:

• 1800mm x 1800mm
• 1800mm x 2100mm
• 1800mm x 2400mm

Workstation systems, as with all office and business furniture, should consist of components that can be reconfigured and reused without requiring multiple trades to disconnect and reconnect services. Workstations and desks made up of separable free-standing components are preferable to integrated and custom-built office furniture that restricts re-configuration.

Soft-wiring of workstations is also preferable to hardwiring.

Privacy screening to workstations can be provided using modular, free-standing or desk-mounted screens. Lower screens provide a more open plan environment and facilitate communication and interaction. As screen height is increased, privacy increases but communication and outlook is constrained.

Office screens should be kept as low as is practical, but of sufficient height to accommodate screen-based storage if required. As a general rule, office screens should be kept to heights between 1200mm and up to a maximum of 1500mm high. Screens of 1800mm height should not be used unless absolutely necessary as they create total visual barriers.

Screens running parallel to external windows should be kept to a maximum height of 1200mm to preserve outlook and natural light for other workers.

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