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How Furniture Selection Can Affect Your Budget

You’ve got many options when it comes to furniture selection. You can get your furniture from a local furniture store that’s of decent build, go for a furniture brand with multiple different quality and design options, or opt for a high-end designer brand with sophisticated and elegant looking furniture. The one crucial factor determining your […]

Announcing Interia’s Exciting Collaboration with Europe’s Largest Office Furniture Manufacturer – Nowy-Styl

Perth’s premium office furniture provider now partners with Europe’s largest office furniture manufacturer. Interia and Nowy-Styl have teamed up for an exciting partnership to help you create modern professional workspaces. This collaboration further increases Interia’s ability to constantly add value to businesses with our custom Office Furniture & Joinery solutions to build professional and tailored […]

Benefits of an Office Breakout Area

With great office lounge furniture and a smart design, the breakout area can be a creative hub and a place for employees to recharge their batteries. However, tired, uninspiring spaces can be unpleasant, mostly unused, and your employees feel they have nowhere to take a break. Here’s why office lounge design is so important to […]

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