Lead Time: 14 - 16 Weeks

Arcadia creates the new landscape for work taking inspiration from timeless architectural forms. Deceptively simple in concept – using just 5 classic geometric building blocks, each piece is engineered for inter-compatibility, to allow the creation of a vast choice of landscapers and space-makers

The modular kit of parts construction, pure geometric shapes and patented quick release joining system means shapes can be reused and reconfigured over and over again to experiment, evolve or just have fun as we adapt to our ever changing present. All forms are available in a palette of 6 colors, carefully chosen from an earthy palette referencing minerals and biophilia to compliment and blend together shades from the natural world.


5 inter-compatible pieces
11 different forms
Upholstered finish
Multiple configurations: semi-enclosures, space-makers and linear separators

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