Why Convertible Workstations Can Help Your Team Collaborate

When it comes to office design, furniture is often left to the last minute. A desk isn’t as ‘sexy’ as that new computer or coffee machine. But office workstations are Office workstations play an extremely important role in employee performance.

Increase collaboration in your office workstation.

Have you ever had to wait hours for a team member to reply to your email? You need to speak to them before you can move on with a project. It’s wasted time. Yes, there’s instant messenger and internal communication systems, but nothing is faster than speaking face-to-face.

‘Cluster’ your office desks by integrating one multi-person workstation, instead of four separate desks. It’s a simple, organised and economical office furniture solution for any office layout. If you’re concerned about distraction, don’t be. Many four-person workstations come with slimline screens to provide privacy, without losing the advantages of an open layout.

Convertible workstations are great for new businesses who need office furniture that can grow as the company does. These ‘stations’ have power outlets, USBs ports and multimedia options so there’s no need to place a desk in an odd place – just so it’s close to a central power outlet. For those people who like dedicated private areas, office pods are a great idea.

Comfort is in this year, too. As the work/life balance continues to blur, companies are introducing homely looks with residential style furnishings. This includes dining room tables, unique lighting, solid wood desks, and bean bags. It’s believed to create an inspirational environment where employees can be more creative. Some companies are embracing lie down desks, taking the ‘work from home’ position to the office.

With all of these trends, it’s important to remember to educate your team on new ways of working. Creating a culture of collaboration requires more than just adding a few convertible workstations. Think about running a training session on collaboration best practices. For your more ‘social’ employees, this will support the transition from sitting on their own to with their colleagues. This will result in greater productivity and efficiency.

Improve collaboration by redesigning your workplace. Practical changes like altering desk arrangements to support mobile working, hot-desking, and ergonomic design principles. Offer your team different areas to work in, both private and breakout areas – catering for efficiency on both team projects and individual tasks.

Can you think of ways you can improve collaboration in your company? Don’t feel like you’re bound to the way you’ve always worked. Innovative companies continue to evolve every moving part of their business, including workstations.

Whether you’re redesigning your office or moving to a new location, give thought to your office workstations. You can save space and encourage collaboration with 8-person workstation desks, if implemented correctly. If you like the idea of an open plan office, talk to our team of office layout experts.

You’ll be just as excited about desks as we are.

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